14 Stress Relief Activities For Adults When Things Get Out of Control

When Things Get Out of Control

14 Stress Relief Activities For Adults

We are seeing an epidemic of mental health issues, work-related stress and burn-out. If this sounds familiar, there is no need to tackle it by trying to control and change things.

Stress is a part of life but bute are many ways to deal with it and manage it healthily. Here are some top relaxing activities for adults that are scientifically proven to help destress and calm our minds.



14 Stress Relief Activities For Adults

Take A Rejuvenating Bath

Sitting in a tub foiled with warm water is one of the heavenly activities you can do to forget all your grievances and distresses. A relaxing bath can relieve muscle pain sometimes caused by extreme tension.

Bathing is better for your mental and physical well-being as compared to showering. You can take a bubble bath for a blissful spa-like experience.

Grow Some Plants

Managing stress by gardening is among the research-backed approaches to stave off stress. Being in nature feels good and greenery soothes our eyes and calms our mind. Yes, not everyone may be interested in the hectic work of caring for plants, but you can try it to see its benefits.

Colors are Life

Coloring isn’t just some kids’ activity. It can be super therapeutic for adults too. It is one of the best fun stress-relief activities for adults. Indulge in coloring to wind down and relieve your stress after a tiring day at work.

Coloring helps us be in the present moment and stops the thread of thoughts that keep repeating in our minds. You can also take up doodling to focus on what you are doing and feel relaxed.

Destress with Board Games

Play some board games with your friends or family members to relieve stress and amp up your mood. So, pick up your phone and set a game night with your pals to relieve all the worries on a weekend night.

Play Some Tune

Upbeat music brings us feelings of enthusiasm and pleasure. In the same way, slow and soothing music can relax our stressed-out nerves and replenish our souls. So, next time you come home after a super tense day at work, play some refreshing music while lying down on your bed doing nothing. You can also play your favorite soundtracks while washing dishes or even driving a car.

Stress Relief Toys

Fidgeting with stress relief toys is a proven de-stress activity that helps us find ourselves again in times of nervousness or anger. Having a desk toy to play with is a simple way to blow the work pressure piling up at you slowly while dealing with your tasks. You can buy compact fidget toys to take them with you wherever you go.

Take A Step Back

A healthy body and mind is essential to be efficient at work. But job-related burnout may deteriorate your health. Instead of trying to get all your hassles and pressures all the time, you should consider taking a break.

It can be a leave of a day or two or a long holiday trip out in the boonies. This break will help you recharge yourself to start productive work again.


Dance Your Heart Out

Dancing can be a helpful activity for you to manage your burnout and relax your soul after all the pressures of life. Many people may prefer dancing to working out or physical activity.

Dancing amplifies our mood and brings us joy, while also positively influencing our physical health. So, when you feel too frustrated to indulge in any outdoor activity, just tune in to some good music and dance till your feet hurt!

Breath in Soothing Scents

Aromatherapy is one of the popular stress management activities in modern times. Fragrances and pleasant smells have always been known to make us feel happy instantly but taking in soothing scents to destress is a relatively new activity.

Aromatherapy refers to breathing scented materials to improve your well-being. You can use essential oils to treat stress and anxiety as they are super convenient to use. Or light a refreshing scented candle to feel good and bring warmth to your bedroom.

Laugh More

Laughter is so essential for our happiness and well-being. It’s good to laugh your heart out while having fun with your buddies at work or a gathering. Laughter can relieve stress as it instantly shifts our focus from the negative aspects to the positive.


Mindfulness is not just a buzzword. It’s super effective in reducing stress. It is a quick way of turning your mind off without even sleeping and getting rid of the constant train of worrisome thoughts. Sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed helps you regain calm focus and unwind.

Exercise to Unwind

Don’t find excuses to not exercise because of the never-ending presentations you have to make for work. Exercise can help you get through these presentations with more calm and less stress. You can also try some sports activities to manage your stress.

Cleaning is A Therapy

Start stress cleaning to soothe yourself after you complete a highly stressful work deadline.  Cleaning is super therapeutic and can be a self-care activity for you.

You can start small by cleaning just your drawer or a small area in your home and then work your way up to big cleaning projects.

Sleep Hygiene

Are you too worked up to do anything, and winds seem to be against you? Then a deep sleep might be your medicine at this time. We listen to you — your sleep schedule is all messed up as you are trying to juggle many things at a time.

So, start fixing your sleep schedule by practicing good sleep hygiene. You need to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day, or even more, if you feel too much tired.

This concludes our list of the top activities to relieve stress and start living a serene and happy life. Hopefully, this piece on stress relief techniques for adults will help you manage your anxiety and tension.