Partnership for Progress



In the heart of Dubai, a transformative partnership has emerged in the realm of mental wellness. Ziad Ghosn and Dr. Joseph El Khoury have united their visions, skills, and credentials to form the Valens Clinic, an innovative mental wellness facility that exemplifies the perfect synthesis of business acumen and medical expertise.

At the operational helm of this exciting venture is Ziad Ghosn, a highly regarded entrepreneur known for his keen understanding of business mechanics and his strategic investment approach. His expertise lies in identifying areas of need and filling those gaps with sound, sustainable solutions. Ghosn’s invaluable insights into the local and regional healthcare landscape have been instrumental in conceptualizing and executing the Valens Clinic project.

On the other hand, the executive and clinical leadership of the Valens Clinic is provided by Dr. Joseph El Khoury, a highly reputed psychiatrist with an impressive career record spanning two decades. Dr. El Khoury is a UK trained psychiatrist who moved back to the region with the aim of contributing to the development of psychiatric care. He has held senior academic and clinical positions in Lebanon and the UAE, including at the American University of Beirut and American Hospital Dubai.

Dr. El Khoury’s extensive clinical experience and innovative approach to mental wellness have been pivotal in the clinic’s focus on providing comprehensive, patient-centric mental health services. His contributions extend beyond clinical practice, involving the development of policies and procedures in line with international best practices, mentoring staff, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.





The unique synergy between Ghosn and El Khoury has resulted in the Valens Clinic, a mental wellness clinic with a distinct approach to healthcare. Ghosn’s strategic business sense has been instrumental in realizing the project, navigating the healthcare investment landscape, and ensuring the clinic’s sustainability.

Meanwhile, Dr. El Khoury’s clinical expertise guarantees the provision of top-tier mental health services, setting a new standard for care in the region. Together, Ghosn and Dr. El Khoury have built a bridge between business strategy and clinical excellence, setting the stage for Valens Clinic to be a game-changer in the field of mental wellness.




With a robust foundation and a clear vision, the Valens Clinic is set to make significant contributions to mental healthcare in Dubai and beyond. In conclusion, the partnership between Ziad Ghosn and Dr. Joseph El Khoury exemplifies a successful fusion of business insight and medical proficiency.

This collaboration has not only led to the establishment of the Valens Clinic but has also paved the way for a new paradigm in mental wellness, one where quality care and sustainability walk hand in hand. This alliance signifies a promising step forward in advancing mental wellness in Dubai and the region as a whole.

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