Esketamine Session at The Valens Clinic



At The Valens Clinic, we have thoughtfully designed a patient-centric journey for our Esketamine sessions, ensuring an experience that embodies safety, comfort, and efficacy at every step.


From the moment you step into The Valens Clinic, you will be welcomed into an atmosphere that exudes warmth, tranquillity, and understanding. Our reception team greets every individual with a warm smile, affirming that they are in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The thoughtfully designed interiors, imbued with calming aesthetics, further enhance the sense of peace and security.


Post-registration, our compassionate nurses will guide you to the private treatment room. This space is meticulously designed to optimize comfort and relaxation. Before starting the Esketamine session, our nurses will ensure you are completely at ease. Our unique integration of traditional and innovative comfort measures, like a relaxing massage chair, plays a vital role in this phase.



The Esketamine session is a multidimensional experience, combining medication administration with therapeutic environmental stimuli. As our nurses prepare the medication, you will be gently ushered into a relaxed state using evidence-based methods such as music therapy and visual therapy. Tailored to individual preferences, these interventions work in synchrony to create a calming atmosphere,
heightening the therapeutic experience. Noise-cancellation technology is used to further enhance the serene environment, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive therapy session. While the Esketamine takes effect, the comforting ambience helps to augment the medication’s impact, promoting a deeply therapeutic experience.

Personalized Approach

A standout feature of The Valens Clinic is our commitment to an individualized approach. We recognize that every patient has unique needs and preferences, and we aim to accommodate these in every aspect of the therapy. The choice of music, the visual imagery, and even the settings of the massage chair are tailored to your comfort, ensuring an optimally therapeutic and personalized session.

Post-session Care

Once the Esketamine session concludes, our caring nurses will ensure a smooth transition from the therapeutic state to routine activities. During this phase, you will be allowed to rest and reflect, with our team ensuring your comfort and wellbeing throughout. The journey at The Valens Clinic is not merely a medical process; it’s an experience designed with deep empathy and understanding of the nuances of mental health care. By offering a blend of cutting-edge therapies in an environment of absolute comfort and safety, we ensure that your journey towards mental wellness is as therapeutic as the destination.

Continued Care and Support

Once you are ready to transition out of the immediate post-session phase, our dedicated team at The Valens Clinic remains steadfast in their support. Our nurses will provide you with the necessary information regarding post-session self-care, potential side effects, and other important aspects related to the Esketamine treatment. We ensure that each patient feels equipped and empowered to manage their journey beyond our clinic’s walls.


Follow-Up Appointments and Check-Ins

Our care extends well beyond the duration of the Esketamine session. To monitor your progress and provide necessary support, we schedule follow-up appointments and regular check-ins. Our healthcare professionals are always ready to address any concerns or queries you might have regarding your treatment or overall mental wellbeing.

Therapeutic Alliance

A pivotal aspect of the Esketamine session at The Valens Clinic is the therapeutic alliance we build with each patient. Our approach is not limited to medication management, but also extends to fostering strong, trusting relationships with our patients. This therapeutic relationship is built upon mutual respect, empathy, and collaboration, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and valued.

Continuous Adjustment and Tailoring

Recognizing that the journey to mental wellbeing is a dynamic process, we continuously adjust and tailor our strategies based on individual patient feedback and progress. From changes in therapeutic interventions to modifications in comfort measures, we are committed to ensuring that the Esketamine sessions remain optimally beneficial and comfortable for you. At The Valens Clinic, we aim to transform the process of mental health treatment into a journey of holistic healing. Our Esketamine sessions embody this vision, blending innovative treatment strategies with empathetic care in a serene environment, ensuring that every step of the journey is as comforting and effective as possible.