Cashew Payments Support for Patients

The Valens Clinic Now Supports

Cashew Payments

The Valens Clinic has formally announced its collaboration with Cashew Payments. This strategic alliance aims to bolster the array of payment modalities available to patients, ensuring ease and flexibility in financial transactions. The Valens Clinic has consistently endeavored to cater to the multifaceted financial preferences of its patient base. The institution currently offers a comprehensive range of payment methodologies. These encompass the conventional “Pay and claim” insurance mechanism, direct cash transactions, Point of Sale (POS) interactions, and digitized payment conduits such as Mamopay.


In alignment with Dubai’s progressive financial landscape, The Valens Clinic has also integrated cryptocurrency as an acceptable mode of payment. The recent integration of Cashew Payments in Dubai further refines the clinic’s payment structure, allowing patients the option of structured installment payments. This augmentation is particularly advantageous for patients engaging in prolonged therapeutic interventions, facilitating fiscal management without compromising on necessary clinical interventions.


Ziad Ghosn, COO at The Valens Clinic, articulated the clinic’s stance on this collaboration: “Our mission at Valens is to ensure patient welfare, both clinically and administratively. This partnership with Cashew Payments Dubai enhances our operational efficiency, streamlining the payment process for our patients.” With its sophisticated clinical framework, an array of specialists, and a refined payment infrastructure, The Valens Clinic reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled mental health services in the region.