The Crucial Role of Self-Care for Mothers



Insights from a Child Psychiatrist in Dubai

Written By Dr. Daniela Graf, Child Psychiatrist at The Valens Clinic, Dubai.

As a child psychiatrist practicing in the bustling, progressive city of Dubai, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many incredible mothers. These women, striving to balance their roles at home and in their careers, often come to seek advice regarding their children’s mental health. However, through my experiences as a psychiatrist for kids, I’ve realized that it’s not just the children who need attention but the mothers themselves.


Mothers, the unsung heroes in our lives, are often so immersed in caring for their family’s needs that their own well-being takes a back seat. In my consultations as a child psychiatrist, I’ve noticed a common thread: mothers neglect their self-care. This isn’t just a phenomenon in Dubai but a global issue that affects child mental health significantly.

The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” rings especially true in the context of parenting. In Dubai, a city known for its fast-paced lifestyle, mothers are under immense pressure to be perfect in every aspect. As a child psychiatrist in Dubai, I’ve witnessed how this relentless pursuit can lead to burnout, impacting not just the mothers but their children too.

In my role, I emphasize the importance of self-care for mothers. It’s essential for maintaining not only their health but also that of their families. When mothers neglect their well-being, it’s not just their mental health that suffers; it impacts the entire family dynamic.


As a psychiatrist for kids, I’ve seen how a mother’s mental state can influence her child’s emotional and psychological development.

Therefore, it’s crucial for mothers to take time for themselves. Whether it’s a spa weekend, an evening with friends, or simply a quiet moment with a good book, these acts of self-care are not selfish but necessary. They ensure that mothers can continue to provide the best care for their families.

In conclusion, I advocate for a balanced approach to parenting. Mothers in Dubai, and everywhere, should remember that taking care of themselves is a vital part of taking care of their children. After all, a happy parent often leads to a happy child. This insight is not just a saying but a principle that guides my practice as a child psychiatrist and as an advocate for child mental health.