Flow tDCS Treatment

Flow tDCS

What is it?

tDCS now available in Dubai

Depression is a common condition affecting millions of people from all walks of life. Over the years treatments have evolved and branched outside the traditional choice of medication and/or talking therapies. The Valens Clinic has taken the step to embrace neuromodulation in its most accessible and practical form tDCS.  it now integrates the evidence-based Flow Neuroscience Device into its comprehensive care portfolio.

An initial commitment of two weeks is essential, as the device will not show significant effect before then. The option is then to extend up to 10 weeks following a review with you doctor. The frequency of sessions vary and will be assigned with your clinician.

To maintain the integrity of the Flow device, a security deposit is required. Upon the device’s return and successful inspection, the deposit is fully refunded.



Discovering the Flow Neuroscience Device

Imagine donning a headset, similar to your everyday headphones, but with the purpose to transform your mood over a matter of weeks. The FLOW brain stimulation device is not your average piece of technology. It is manufactured by a European company employing Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) – a well-researched treatment for depression – the device sends gentle currents to specific areas of the brain. This technique is designed to recalibrate and revitalize the mind connectivity.

While the technology might sound unusual, it is noteworthy that tDCS has been a trusted depression treatment for years, often used in harmony with or without medications. Furthermore, Flow’s user-friendly design ensures patients can use it without direct supervision in their own homes.

Should I stop my medication while on the FLOW Neuroscience device?

You should usually stay on the same treatment unless specifically instructed by your doctor.  Email and whatsapp communication with the clinical team will be available throughout the treatment period.


How do I get treated with the FLOW Brain Stimulation device?

The decision to start treatment is made following a consultation with one of our psychiatrists at the Valens clinic. They will assess your case and suitability for tDCS. This is because not all cases can respond to it and your previous and current treatment matters in taking the decision to proceed.

Once you and your Doctor agree that tDCS is for you, having understood the side effects, you are scheduled for an orientation session which also serves as a first treatment session (45 minutes in total). This is done at the clinic under nursing supervision. Self care advice is provided.

You are then sent home with the device and instructed to download the app on your phone. Using the app is essential to the success of the treatment and guides you through the process on a daily basis. You will also receive daily pads that can easily be replaced after each session. Each session lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.



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