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Clinical Neuropsychologist

Carla Khalil

Carla Khalil is a French Lebanese Clinical Neuropsychologist deeply immersed in the realm of neuroscience, cognitive training and rehabilitation. She has experience in a diverse range of a clinical settings, including psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, and geriatrics, in both inpatient and outpatient capacities. Her expertise spans clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and neuroscientific research. Additionally, Carla Khalil is adamant on community outreach and advocating for mental health and neurodiversity, and fostering inclusivity and understanding in her field. She is qualified to see patients of all age groups, including children, adolescents, young and old adults.

Carla Khalil specializes in neuropsychological and psychological assessments and treatment. Clinical presentations she commonly works with include; traumatic brain injury (TBI), epilepsy, Tic disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders (such as Autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities), neurodegenerative diseases (dementias), cerebrovascular diseases (strokes, aneurysms), and mood and psychiatric disorders. She works closely with other professionals, families and schools, consistently underscoring the importance of collaborative work. Carla offers multimodal identity therapy sessions aimed at enhancing the quality of life of individuals, using techniques including CBT, BPT, HRT, Biofeedback, CBCT, Narrative Therapy and ACT.

Spoken Languages

English, Arabic, French

DHA License

Clinical Neuropsychologist


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