About Us


What is Valens?

Our clinic specializes in psychiatry, psychology, and dietetics in addition to complementary services.

The name “Valens” is derived from Latin and means “strong and healthy”. It reflects our aspiration for recovery and wellbeing for our clients beyond only treating symptoms. Our holistic approach to mental wellness includes comprehensive assessments, evidence-based therapies, cutting-edge psychiatric treatments, and compassionate support to help our clients build resilience and lead fulfilling lives.

We look forward to supporting you on your path towards Health, Hope, and Harmony.


Mission & Vision

To provide highly qualified and experienced clinicians with the environment that will allow them to thrive and deliver optimal care to any individual needing psychiatric, psychological, nutrional and wellness related intervention.
We place our patients at the center of our mission. We aim for them to experience at every visit to the Valens clinic the synergy between our core values of delivering Health, instilling Hope, and prioritizing Harmony.

We aspire to become a reference in the provision of specialist mental healthcare in the United Arab Emirates and beyond


What to expect

Everything at Valens is designed to create the best possible therapeutic experience. Our multilingual support staff will ensure a smooth booking process and will keep you informed as needed. The central location in Business Bay includes easy access to visitors and valet parking. A comfortable environment is provided from the cosy waiting area through to our sunlit doctors offices.

An effective follow up and referral systems will ensure you can focus on your treatment and leave the logistical hassle to us. An experienced nursing team will respond to any queries including emergencies. Finally your feedback and suggestions will be integrated into our practice.